Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Athena Finally Gets Sirius

Ever since discovering the world of dog blogging, I have admired the beautiful collars that many of the famous dogs wear.  Our Waldo BungieTwo Pitties in the CityLove and a Six-Foot Leash, and Kate with a Camera all showcase their dogs wearing stunning Sirius Republic collars.

So of course, a Sirius Republic collar has been on my wish list for many months now.  I will admit that I am an obsessed Sirius Republic fan and stalk check their website frequently for new fabrics and styles.

However, being the fabric addict that I am, I contacted Sirius Republic and asked if I could have a custom collar made with the fabric of my choice.  They so kindly obliged and so I set out to my favorite fabric store in search of a perfect fabric.  My main objective was to choose a fabric that would make people ask, "what's her name" instead of the "what's his name" that we typically get asked.  Of course I couldn't pick just one fabric while at the store, so spoiled Athena received TWO custom collars for Christmas!

I chose to order one 1" martingale and one 1.5" martingale to mix it up a little.

Athena has been wearing her new collars as an early Christmas present.  Both collars turned out perfectly and we receive tons of compliments on them wherever we go.

Do your dogs wear Sirius Republic collars?  What style of collar is your favorite (martingale, limited slip, buckle, etc.) ?


  1. LOVE THEM! Athena looks beautiful (as usual!). I love Sirius Republic collars! We prefer the martingale just because Zoe has been known to slip out of her collars in the past. :) But just to be safe, we always take her collar off when she's in her crate so she doesn't get caught on anything!

  2. Mushroom had a nice cloth Sirius Republic collar with mushrooms on it, but it got all torn up because Badger plays rough. I have my eye on a few of their patterns, but we're waiting for them to calm down a little before we get another nice collar.

  3. Ray has the 1.5" martingale in "monsters" print which is pac-man if you ask me. He also has the turquoise bow tie with mini dots which he wears when he goes out on the town. This is his second Sirius collar but next on the wish list is a Paco collar.

  4. She looks so good. Great choices! Speaking of obsessed...have you noticed that we actually switch out our pups to become seasonal?

  5. Welcome to the addiction club! She looks lovely!! I've lost count of how many I've bought!!!

    1. Ha, I second that! Soooo many Sirius collars....

      We are obsessessed with Sirius, we like the martingale style because 1) it's harder to slip out of and 2) design all the way around, there's not an inch and a half taken up by a buckle. :-)

  6. I have 4 collars, 2 bow ties and one custom Corbin tag! We also have 1 "Adopt Me" collar for my foster sisters and a flower to match. AND! I snuck a peek at the momma's email list to see that I got a new collar and bow tie for Christmas! hehe we LOVE the beautifully made collars at Sirius Republic :-) All of ours are 1.5 inch martingales.

  7. I love the collars! I am patiently waiting for the right time to buy Boomer and Dottie each a new collar. And, if I got to pick out the fabric too that would be awesome!

  8. Lurve them! I think I might need to order new collars for my pups for Christmas. I mean, a pup can NEVER have too many collars, right?!

  9. Oh those are so cute. I hadn't heard of that brand before. We also get a lot of people who think Shiner is a boy hehe.

  10. We always get so many compliments when our pups where their Sirius Republic collars. People especially like how wide they are. (I do too.) We had 3 great collars (1 for a foster and 1 for each pup,) and Taylor chewed the heck out of all of them. She was a collar chewer when she played. If she wasn't so cute I'd have smacked her little butt. (Just kidding.) Anyway, Hades just got his new one. I LOVE the custom fabric choices.

  11. Oooo I love her new collars. I am constantly on their site to see new patterns as well. Maybe I will see if they will make Hank a custom. I love their collars but nothing screams hunting dog to me.

  12. So Perdy! I can definitely tell she's a she, lol. You know what, Kaya and Norman have 8 custom collars and they never wear any of them! 4 are from Collar Mania2 are from The Collar Shop and two of these guys from Etsy. They are all beautifully made, but I can't can't bring myself to put them on my dogs since they spend their days running through the woods, getting filthy, muddy, wet and stinky. In a matter of minutes the colorful cotton would be a brown mess. I let them wear these two only once since we were somewhere super dry.

    I love the no-buckle slide-on style. I bought a couple Stillwater collars because I love that they look like seatbelts, but the buckles seemed too bulky. Same with the Buckle Down collars, but the designs are really cool!

    I'm just gonna bight the bullet and get them custom leather collars to wear all the time. Right now they are getting good use out of their nylon Target collars:) But I just ordered a couple of these! Can you tell I'm obsessed with collars? I've spent hours on collar sites:D

  13. We live by sirius collars around here! I buy about one a season (to my husband's dismay) but how could you not?! She looks beautiful! And yes, we always opt for martingale, our favorite!

  14. I'm here to put a damper on it & tell you about my experience with them. I bought Trinity a matching collar & leash set for christmas last year and loved the design so I bought 2 more for my families dogs. I wanted another collar and a leash to be shorter than the 6' they only had at the time so i e-mailed them with no response for a week. Thought It was just me & I didn't put in the e-mail correctly so I sent another one without a response again. I don't know what happened but I had the e-mail correct and was willing to buy more products from them if only they had e-mailed me back. Plus, I have noticed the prices have gone up really high I understand its a handmade product but I still would like a decent price for them. I did find another custom collar site that I love Collar Mania. They have tons of fabric choices, the occasional sale with reasonable prices, and whenever I e-mail them they respond within a few days. Although, Sirius Republic has a wonderful adoption philosophy I think their customer service is lacking.

    But as far as collar options I love the martingale for safety reasons. Trinity also has a double buckle collar that looks beautiful on her coat.


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