Monday, May 27, 2013

Love It: STAM Grain-Free Treats (and a Giveaway!)

************************THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED************************

Have you heard of STAM before?  If not, you're in for a treat (hehe)!  STAM is a grain-free dog treat manufacturing company located right here in Portland, Oregon.  Athena thinks that STAM treats are absolutely delicious and we love them because they are free of grains, dairy, eggs, meat, glycerin, soy, yeast, whey, and GMO.

Athena is reenacting the supermodel photo featured on her bag of STAM treats

STAM treats come in a variety of tasty (and healthy!) flavors including peanut butter and blueberry, banana and coconut, as well as pumpkin and clove.  They also offer supplemental treats such as a digestion boost and an anti-inflamatory boost.  Athena's favorite is the banana and coconut!  Not only does STAM make great treats, they also donate 10% of their profits to animal sanctuaries.

Athena thinks the banana and coconut treats are the bomb-dot-com!

Athena loves STAM!

As if the amazing ingredient list wasn't enough, STAM's packaging is the best out there!  That's because each and every bag comes with a photo of a STAM dog model on it.  All dogs are worthy of STAM stardom and can have their face on bags of STAM treats if their personal assistants parents simply e-mail a photo to the people at STAM (!

STAM treats hanging at Healthy Pets NW

Of course, when we heard that Athena could be famous with her face on dog treat bags, we e-mailed a collection of her photos right away.  If you order from STAM's online store, all you have to do is leave them a note in the comments section stating that you would like to see your dog's face on your bags of STAM.  Many local stores in Portland carry STAM treats, so we are always on the hunt for bags with Athena on them.  You can check the STAM website to find out where the closest retailer is in your area.

Our cover girl!

So, last week I placed my order on the STAM website and specified that I'd like to see my famous Athena on my treats bags.  This is what I received only a couple of days later:

Of course we had to get a few bags of treats for Athena too =)

Seeing as today is Memorial Day, my birthday was on Saturday, AND June 1st is Athena's made-up 2nd birthday, we are celebrating with a giveaway for one lucky winner to receive a bag of STAM treats with Athena's photo on them (in her favorite flavor) and a snack pack of her runner-up favorite flavor!

Athena posing with the giveaway prizes (sorry, cute dog not included!)

Here's how to enter the STAM Grain-Free Treat giveaway:
  • PRIZE FOR YOU: One 8.5 oz bag of STAM grain-free treats (with Athena's picture on it!) in the banana & coconut flavor AND one 2.0 oz snack pack of STAM grain-free treats in the flavor peanut butter & blueberry
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: All STAM treats are free of grains, dairy, eggs, meat, glycerin, soy, yeast, whey, and GMO and are made right here in Portland, Oregon!
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell us what your dog's favorite treats are.  Example: Athena will do anything for banana and coconut STAM grain-free treats!  You can earn a BONUS entry if you post a photo to our Facebook page of your dog working for their favorite treats!
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Wednesday, May 29th 2013 at 9pm (Pacific Time) 
  • PRIZE VALID FOR: Citizens of the U.S.
  • GIVEAWAY INFO: One entry per e-mail address is permitted (make sure to provide me with an e-mail address if you don't set up a Blogger or Google+ account). The winner will be selected using and announced on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 as an update to this post. I will also email the winner on the 30th for information on how to redeem their prize.
  • NOTE: In no way did STAM compensate us for this post.  The views of their products are our own and we purchased the treats for this giveaway with our own money.

Congratulations to Hannah from Erie-sisti-Bulls for winning the STAM grain-free treat package!


  1. Widget loves any kind of sweet potato treats!

    1. STAM grain-free dog treats only contain human grade ingredients that are good for dogs. Our unique treats are low in carbohydrates, packed with protein, and loaded with Omega 3’s. In addition to being grain-free, our treats do not contain any of the following: soy, eggs, dairy, yeast, whey, or artificial preservatives. STAM dog treats are baked with great care in beautiful Portland, Oregon under the watchful eyes of “the dogs”. Play Steal the Diamond game | 10% of profits are donated to no-kill animal sanctuaries.

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  2. Turk and Rufus will do anything for a baby carrot! Moby is partial to bananas!

    PS - Thean looks great as a treat model!

  3. Suzyboopitbull is a veggieholic, Jillycat spits all her veggies out.

  4. Our crew works extra hard for Orijen's freeze dried Alberta Wild Boar treats (especially for nosework games!).

    (BTW, the Work-A-Bull crew says Thean is pretty awesome and can join them for pit bull games any day!)

  5. Bella goes CRAZY for anything meaty or sweet potato!

  6. Leo, our brindle pitty, loves ice and bananas. When we peel one open it bite for you, one bite for me. I can't recall the last time I ate one all to myself, but our pretty pitty is worth it.

  7. Petey's whole body goes on alert when he smells meat or fish cooking!

  8. Laynie loves banana coconut treats, especially when she can look at Athena's picture on the bag while she eats them. :)

  9. Ella loves it when we mix pumpkin into her kibble at meal times!

  10. Orly's absolute most favorite treat in the entire world isn't a food-based treat. It's his Pickin' Ball, discovered on this very website! ( for those who haven't seen this genius invention.)

  11. Scooby the elderpin is getting more finicky as the years go by. One thing can get him to eat almost always, however - some stinky beef tripe mixed in with his kibble.

  12. Ed & Tess go crazy for anything sweet potato! We save the skins from our mashed sweet potatoes as a spacial treat for them!

  13. I think both of my dogs would do anything for cooked chicken or beef. They like hot dogs and cheese too, of course, along with a million other food items.

  14. My dogs like chicken treats, belly rubs, milk bones...

    tenderholts @

  15. Both Ginger and Pepper would do anything for chicken or turkey pepperoni.

  16. Arlo and Lucy LOVE peanut butter anything! I'm sure the ones with Thean Bean's face on them are the best,though!

  17. Nay Nay and Lilee love home made Organic Peanut butter cookies from our local small town pet store. :)

  18. Sam's Yams Sweet Potatoes are like crack in our house. For training, freeze-dried liver and Zuke's Mini Naturals.

  19. My dog loves anything with meat in it. And of course anything other dogs are eating.
    riordana AT gmail

  20. Ray is a treat monster and will do almost anything to get any kind of treat.

  21. Maggie and Nigel go nuts over grain-free cheesy treats from Petco and a local dog beef jerky called Motivate Bait!

  22. These treats sound delicious! And they meet mom's super picky standards for what goes in my tummy :) As if I don't eat random crumbs off the sidewalk...

    My favorite treats right now are either Stella & Chewy's freeze dried patties or the fishie Pure Bites, but I am totally willing to consider new options ;)

  23. Rally will do anything for string cheese. We're looking for something new and special for when we're in very distracting situations. But he loves everything!

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