About Pitlandia

A & B are the owners of a rescued two year old American Pit Bull Terrier named Athena. This blog follows their successes and struggles of dog ownership! They reside in Portland, OR (hence the blog name of Pitlandia!).

Meet The Couple (A & B):

B and I are high school sweethearts and hardcore Duck fans raising our first dog together.  Athena has empowered us to advocate for pit bull type dogs and help her to become an ambassador for her breed.  In the past year, Athena has earned her Canine Good Citizen certificate and has begun competing in Flyball.

Meet Athena:

Athena goes by many nicknames at our house: Girl Thang, Baby Girl, Thean, Thean Bean, Little Lady, etc.  She would be classified as a total diva dog.  Since being adopted from the shelter, Athena has stolen our hearts and everyone that she meets falls in love with her sweet personality.  Being so cute and charming means that Athena is treated like a diva.  She is pampered with the best doggy essentials and is showered with love on a daily minutely basis.  But really, who can resist a pittie wearing Doggles and a tutu?  Not us.  That's why Athena is quite the spoiled rescued pooch and we wouldn't have it any other way!

Athena's Stats:
  • Date of birth: June 2011 (we think)
  • "Gotcha" date: July 21st, 2012
  • Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier
  • Size: 45 lbs
  • Favorite food: Every-single-kind (she's not picky)
  • Favorite toy: ChuckIt! balls
  • Favorite place to go: Super secret park for a game of fetch
  • Best tricks: Heel, down, leave-it
  • Bad habit: Laundry and garbage surfing
  • Favorite napping spot: Day bed & her crate
  • Training completed: Basic Obedience, Beginning C.L.A.S.S., Intro to Flyball I & II, Canine Good Citizen Prep
  • Sports: Flyball with the Flying Underdogs Flyball Club
  • Flyball Titles: FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCh-S

Training Goals for 2013:
  1. Canine Good Citizen-  We plan to have Athena CGC tested around her second birthday in July 2013
  2. Obedience- Along with earning her CGC, Athena has some training commands that still need some improvement including drop it, take it, hold, and settle
  3. Reactivity- Athena has some reactivity issues around strange noises, new people (sometimes), skateboards, people wearing funny hats, etc.  We plan to train Athena to be less sensitive in these situations
  4. Jogging- It is our goal that Athena will learn to jog/run with us as a way for us to keep with our exercise goals for the year.  Currently Athena thinks that it's time to sprint whenever we attempt to jog...
  5. New Tricks- We would love for Athena to learn some new tricks this year including putting away her toys, roll over, and being a beer maid (B insisted that I include this one because he would like for Athena to deliver him beers...yeeeaaahhhh right)

Sport Goals for 2013:
  1. Intro to Flyball Class- We have decided that we will take a break from obedience classes and jump into the world of dog sports.  Although we don't plan to compete with Athena in flyball, we think that taking a class will be a great confidence builder for her and will help her to practice staying calm in the presence of other dogs
  2. Rally & Agility- I would love for Athena to also give rally and agility a go sometime during 2013!

Check out Athena's Adoption Story, the story of The People Behind the Camera
and Athena's 2 Month Adopt-a-Versary for more about us!


  1. Athena is a beautiful girl, and very lucky to have such a great family. Her personality, conformation, weight, and coloring are very, very similar to my Mercy. However, Mercy is a staffy ... a smaller predecessor to the pit bull. The distinction is hard to make unless one has considerable experience with both staffies and pits. Have you considered that perhaps Athena's small size could be because she's a staffy?

  2. oh what an awesome story she is beautiful I also have two very spoiled pitbulls one is also a rescue I'm so glad there r people out there like u two who love this breed as much as I do

  3. oh what an awesome story she is beautiful I also have two very spoiled pitbulls one is also a rescue I'm so glad there r people out there like u two who love this breed as much as I do

  4. omg, she's adorable. She sounds a little like our Lola girl! We just received her CGC and are also on a flyball team (although we don't compete quite yet).