Saturday, August 18, 2012

Doggy Links

I am always on the prowl for blogs and websites that have excellent doggy info.  I will admit that there are a few blogs out there that I have discovered and read in their entirety in a matter of hours.  I don’t really mind reading blog posts that are days/months/years old as long as the information is pertinent and interesting.  I also love it when I see an update that one of my favorite blogs has made a new post!

Here are a few of my favorite discovered posts of the week:

Stuff Your Dog Should Wear If...(Notes From A Dog Walker) A list of different products to put on your dog to cure some common behaviors such as if your dog has lots of energy, if they need a confidence boost, if they need to get adopted, and more!  I love the idea of putting your dog in a tutu if they need to get adopted or if walking in a parade.

Does Your Dog Participate in Agility or Other Athletic Events? (StubbyDog) A poll of StubbyDog’s Facebook friends who say why their dogs participate in agility/athletics.  I liked reading this because Athena needs to gain some more confidence and I have been thinking that agility training would help her with this.

Bonding With Dogs or Not... (Wilde About Dogs) This blog post is so honest and really hit home with me.  It is so refreshing to read a blogger actually talk about their REAL struggles of being a dog owner and how this has affected their relationship with their dog.  She also gives ideas on how to build a stronger bond with your dog such as participating in agility sports (see, I knew that Athena should start in agility some time soon!), training, and noticing the things that your dog enjoys.

The Mirror Method: An Interview with Nora Vamosi-Nagy (Life With Dogs) A very interesting interview with dog trainer Nora Vamosi-Nagy on the Mirror Method of dog training.  “The main idea is that everything is up to the owner,” she explains. “So, if you have a dog who’s not behaving or if you have a problem, then you should look at what you are doing wrong, rather than blaming the dog. A dog is a mirror in this whole process; he reflects what you are doing well or poorly. In our school we teach in groups of twelve, and the dogs are off-leash.”  While reading this I found myself saying “Yeah!” “That’s Athena!” “Uh-Huh!” over and over!

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  1. I know exactly what you mean about reading new blogs in their entirety. In fact, that's what I'm doing with yours right now! We're two months into life with our new doggy, and I'm always looking for more information and love finding new blogs.

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