Friday, August 17, 2012

Pitlandia in Portlandia: Personal Beast

Being new dog owners, we are OBSESSED with finding pet stores in our area where we can find new things to spoil Athena with.  One of our favorite local pet shops that we found in Portland is Personal Beast.
Inside Personal Beast

This store carries an excellent selection of food, supplements, treats, toys, and gear for both dogs and cats.

My first time in the store I was looking for new toys for Athena, specifically toys that would keep her entertained for a while.  The person working at the store was so helpful and showed me all of the types of toys that they carry and the ones that she recommended for power chewers like the KongGoughNut, and Tuffies.  She also showed me some different treat dispensing toys to keep Athena busy such as the Starmark Bob-a-Lot and the JW Hol-ee.

I ended up getting Athena the Bob-a-Lot which we often feed her meals from.  It takes her about 20-30 minutes to get all of her food out of the dispenser on the easiest level.
The woman working at Personal Beast also recommended that I get Athena some cow knee caps that they sell in bulk.  These are cartilage rather than bone which means that they are fully digestible and won't break off into sharp pieces.  Athena is totally in love with her knee caps.  We give them to her when we put her in her crate and she chews on them the whole time.  Another bonus is that they are low odor!

The last item that I picked up for Athena at Personal Beast was a Rubit! dog tag clip.  With this clip we are able to quickly clip her name tag and license to any collar or harness.
Overall, Personal Beast is one of my favorite pet store finds in Portland!

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  1. Oh...I want to try the Bob a lot. Since we have downstairs neighbors, we have to be careful about the types of toys we have....does that one seem like it would bounce and make a lot of noise?
    We love the rubits too!

    1. We have carpet, so I'm not sure how it would sound on hard surface floors, but it is made of a hard plastic so it might be kind of loud. We bought Athena the larger sized Bob-A-Lot, so she's not able to pick it up in her mouth which means that it doesn't get bounced around on the floor. It does get kind of loud though when she starts to bang it against the walls!!