Monday, August 20, 2012

Overcoming Fears: Sprinkler Time!

We have had some hot weather here in Portland the past few weeks.  Last week we had a few 100 degree days.  Today we got up to about 80 degrees, so B and I thought it would be a perfect day to pull out the sprinkler!
At first Athena wasn't too interested in the sprinkler.  She went up to it, took a drink of water, and then walked away without getting too wet.  After doing this a few times she got really into it and started to put her whole face right up to the sprinkler and ran in and out of it.
We thought it was pretty hilarious =)

How do you keep your dog cool in the hot weather?

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  1. How cute! I love how she opens her mouth right in front of the sprinkler for a drink - great shot of that!

    1. Thanks, Emily! She was pretty hilarious drinking from the sprinkler with her mouth wide open!