Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Workin' at the Car Wash! (and Chewing on a Cow Knee Cap)

Last week we put Athena to work while we gave our cars a much needed wash.  Athena's nose art was out of control on the back windows from all of the car rides that we've been taking her on.

Actually, we decided that Athena was not invited to the actual car washing party because we didn't want her getting all wet and funking up her delightful smell from her recent bath (and because the front yard isn't fenced in).  So, we decided to turn the car wash into a training exercise in "watching from afar."  Using the Ruffwear Flat Out Leash, we tied Athena up to the front porch and let her observe the car wash rather than be a part of the action.
Excuuuusssseeee meeee, but I wanna help toooo!
At first, Athena didn't quite get that she was tied up and therefore couldn't go very far from the porch.  She kept trying to creep closer and closer to us despite our "lay down" commands.  We tried putting her Nylabone in front of her to gnaw on while she watched us, but she wasn't having any of that.  Next we tried presenting Athena with her KONG bone, but she still wasn't interested in settling down on the porch.  She REALLY wanted to be a part of the car washing action, NOT chew on some silly toys.

Finally we gave Athena her most favorite thing in the whooooleeee world (and no it wasn't a ChuckIt! ball or a used tissue)!  Athena got a cow knee cap of course.  These babies cure all of Athena's boredom and crate issues and did not disappoint in entertaining her during the car wash.  She laid down like a well-behaved dog for over an hour while we washed our cars!
The best stuff on Earth!!
Oh, you're washing a car over there?
See my eye boogies?  They are getting better!
Do you have any techniques for getting your dogs to "watch from afar," or do you just let them in on the action?  What treats or toys do you provide for your dogs' self-entertainment during these situations?


  1. Kongs full of frozen deliciousness, new bones, old bones filled with new deliciousness, bully sticks, rawhides, the list goes on and on....that knee cap sure looks delicious. In a I'm glad dogs love it & I don't have to eat it kinda way of course :)

    1. We have been working on improving our Kongs-- we tried freezing peanut butter and other goodies in there, but I think that peanut butter makes Athena REALLY wild! We are trying to stay away because she doesn't need any more energy than she already has lol

      We are going to have to give bully sticks a try because I've heard that they can last quite a while! The knee caps are so nasty looking-- but Athena goes bonkers for them!!!

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