Wednesday, October 24, 2012

(Practically) Wordless Wednesday: Vogue

Athena is channeling her inner Madonna with her "What are you looking at?" pose.  B thinks she looks ready to attend an ugly sweater party.


  1. You know, reading your blog, I'm starting to think G and Athena might be related. I thought G had perfected the frog legs pose, but Athena may have her beat!!

    1. G and Athena just might be related! I will say though that this is the "widest" frog leg pose that I've ever seen from her...maybe she's finally feeling 100% comfortable with us and therefore is ready to let it all hang out?? Whatever it is, I always think it's hilarious when she sits like this!

  2. Athena rockin' the Fair Isle print. love it.

  3. The perfect winter jumper! You look fabulous Athena!