Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Success (and a Giveaway Announcement!)

I don't know about you, but I feel like Christmas zoomed by so quickly this year!  This was Athena's first Christmas with us, so we weren't quite sure how she would react to houses filled with lots of people, plates full of delicious food, and presents decorated with sparkly bows.  As expected, Athena was a superstar and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas holiday!

1.  Athena got dressed up for the occasion

Being her first Christmas, I wanted to make sure that Athena was in full holiday spirit and dressed for the occasion.  On Christmas Eve I attempted to sew my first ever flower to attach to Athena's collar.  The flower turned out well for being my first attempt, so Athena wore it on Christmas Eve and Christmas day.  She also sported a very festive red tutu and a pair of reindeer ears that complete her holiday outfit.

Fancy collar flower & red tutu

Athena modeling her reindeer ears

2.  Athena visited with lots of family and met some new people (including her first toddler)

We went to different family members' houses on Christmas Eve and Christmas day which meant that Athena got to visit with lots of people.  She did great reuniting with much of our family that she has already met, and she was fairly calm when meeting new people (she is sometimes fearful of strangers).  Athena even met her first toddler and was totally in love with him.  She was his shadow for all of Christmas day and was extremely gentle with him even when he bonked her a few times and screamed really loud (this reaffirms our belief that Athena lived with children in her past).

Athena watching her toddler's every move

3.  Athena was spoiled

Of course you knew that this would happen, but Athena was totally and completely spoiled for Christmas.  She got so much stuff I'm embarrassed to even post a picture of everything.  A few items that I'm most excited about are a 5 day pass to her doggy daycare, a Buster Food Cube, and Musher's Secret Paw Wax, along with a slew of other fabulous gifts.

Just a fraction of the many toys that Athena received for Christmas

4.  Our Waldo Bungie is hosting their Giveaway-a-Day this week!

And we are first up on the list of giveaways!  If you visit their blog today, you can enter to win a custom Pitlandia tutu handmade by me!  We are so excited to be a part of this year's Giveaway-a-Day and hope that you head on over to Our Waldo Bungie to check out all of the awesome giveaways.

************************THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED************************

How did you and your dog spend Christmas?


  1. Looks like you guys had a great holiday. You'll have to post about how the musher's secret works.

    1. I will give the Musher's Secret a try and let everyone know how it works! Athena has such rough paw pads that I hope it helps her out!

  2. My girls got some cool stuff to (mostly bought be). Trinity enjoys opening up her gifts. Does Athena? I just LOVE that bow you made. How did you do it? With a pattern or by eye? I would love to make my own but don't know how to :( it looks like you all had a wonderful time!

    1. We didn't wrap any of Athena's gifts because we didn't want to give her the idea that it was ok to unwrap the others under the tree. The bow is actually fairly easy to make, I looked at a bunch of different tutorials that I found on Pinterest and then used the best instructions to make one. I then had to figure out how to make it to attach to a dog collar because none of the tutorials were specifically for collar flowers. I'm thinking of doing a tutorial on them in the very near future =)

  3. I love the pictures of Athena in her holiday finery. We had a nice quiet day at home and I think Ray was happy with what Santa brought. I'm interested in your thoughts on the musher's wax as well.

    1. I'm glad to hear that you and Ray had a very enjoyable holiday!

  4. Wow, sounds like a really great Christmas! And, the giveaway sounds pretty cool too!

  5. It sounds like you guys had a great holiday! Athena is adorable in her holiday getup!

  6. Athena is such a superstar, that's awesome she did so well visiting with all your family. I think Athena is the "perfect dog," and that's in part thanks to you, and in part credit to her wonderful nature!
    I'm super impressed with the collar and full outfit, as I already stated on facebook.