Monday, January 21, 2013

January Paw Box

If you follow us on Facebook you may remember that we recently signed up for a subscription to Paw Box.  I was intrigued when I first heard about Paw Box, because I am a little obsessed with receiving monthly subscription boxes in my mailbox (I currently get a Birchbox and a Glossy Box each month).  I've been waiting to try a dog themed subscription box, but I just couldn't give in to getting started with Bark Box because of their steep prices.

This fancy box is such a great first impression!

Each box comes with a product description card

So when a Facebook promotion came along for a Paw Box discount I just couldn't resist giving it a try for $4.99 (regularly $10 per month).  Our box arrived on Friday and here's what was inside:

  1. Toy of the Month:  Each month Paw Box includes a toy of the month for its subscribers.  This month's toy was a rope/tennis ball tug toy.  Athena LOVED this toy.  We have never given her a rope toy before in fear of her ripping it to shreds, but surprisingly she hasn't done any damage to the rope yet...the tennis balls are a different story though.
  2. Fingerbrush:  These soft flexable latex brushes conform to your finger to massage gums.  We already own one of these gum brushes, so these will just be backups.
  3. Pegetables:  A nutritious dental dog chew made with real vegetables.  Athena is a huge fan of dental chews and this one was no different.  She scarfed it down in a matter of seconds.  I saw on the product's website that they are sold at Petsmart.
  4. My Doggy Bits:  These dog treats are shaped like paw prints and are made from quality natural ingredients.  Athena liked these treats of course since she is a fan of alllllll treats.  I'm not sure if we would actually purchase these though seeing as they look to only be available directly from their website.
  5. Simple Green BIO DOG:  A non-toxic and biodegradable stain and odor removing spray for carpets, rugs, upholstery, and dog bedding.  We haven't had a chance to test out this product yet, but we love that it's in a travel size container so that we can bring it with us when Athena visits places just in case she has an accident...!

After B and I inspected the contents of the box, we left it out for Athena to investigate.  Of course, she immediately snatched the rope/ball toy and went to work.  She would occasionally leave her new toy to look through the box again.  After she was finished with her box investigation, she had each item from the box sprawled across the house and was trying to eat the Pegetables dental bone through the plastic wrapper (don't worry, she didn't manage to eat any plastic).

Athena snatching her rope/ball toy from the box

This is her new favorite toy to chew on

Overall I was pretty satisfied with the contents of our box.  I love trying new pet products, so it's great to get a delivery of samples to our door each month.  As of now, I've decided to continue our service with Paw Box for $10 per month to see what else might come along in the coming months.

Are you 'Monthly Subscription Box Obsessed' like me?  Have you ever tried a box subscription service like Paw Box before?


  1. Thanks to your FB post, I ordered the Paw Box for Ray, too. We were pretty happy with the contents especially for the price. I think we'll continue as well, at least for a few more months.

  2. Fun. We have been wanting to try something like that, but I am so picky about the treats and such that my dogs get, and the toys that they play with, that I don't know how many things out of a mystery box we would actually use.

  3. I love getting mail, so I'd totally be into this! I've seen the Bark Box before, and I agree with the hard-to-commit price.

    We have the same issues as K-Koira...Ed has such a sensitive stomach we are careful with what he gets. Although, this would be great for the duo - Ed would play with the toys & Tess would do all the eating!

    I wonder if getting a monthly box of goodies would help me cut down on doggie expenses...?

    1. The thing that I thought was so great about Paw Box is that they asked me if my dog had any allergies or sensitivities. I was able to write in a little comment box that Athena is allergic to chicken. I should have said that we also feed grain free...but I can always go back and change my profile to say that! Because each person can customize their profile, everyone gets different goodies in their boxes!

      I think that I might be less tempted to buy Athena "presents" when we are out and about because she is getting a big present once a month!

  4. That is awesome! Petco used to sell the Pegetables, but they weren't a big seller and discontinued them. Glad to know they are still available. I really liked the concept!

  5. Love those last pics of her chomping on her new toy. What a lucky girl!

  6. I've heard about the various subscriptions you can get for monthly boxes of goodies but I've not jumped on the bandwagon just yet. Seeing Athena with her box and her new favorite chew toy is pushing me a little closer though!

  7. Ahemmm...I may have ordered a month's worth just to see what comes...hem hem...

  8. I am waiting for PawBox to have a box for cats, which I've been told will be in March. And I, too, am obsessed with subscription boxes. I currently get: BirchBox, Glam Bag/Ipsy, all three Conscious Boxes (regular, vegan, and gluten free), BirchBox for Men for my partner, Pawalla, Spoiled Rotten Box for cats, and Love with Food. It's an addiction.

  9. I live for my Birchbox! I never really thought of doing the dog version since Melvin has so many allergies, I felt like it'd be a waste if we got only treats. But now, Jake can eat the treats! Totally doing this! Thank you!

  10. I've never had a monthly box but I just signed up for Pawbox! It is a ton cheaper than Barbox, I was going to try Barkbox but it seemed expensive to me. I'm excited to get our first box! I feel like our neighborhood is iffy where I don't like things left at the door but we'll see how it goes.