Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Smoochable Accessories for Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day quickly approaches, Athena has been preparing to be the smoochiest dog in all of Portland.  Our friends over at Our Waldo Bungie have been helping to outfit Athena in the sweetest of Valentine's fashions to help her to receive lots of kisses on February 14th.

Just Dog Gone Cute Collars

As many of you know, we were the lucky winners of a Just Dog Gone Cute ribbon collar during Our Waldo Bungie's recent Giveaway-a-Day.  After lots of ribbon suggestions from Kelly (Just Dog Gone Cute's master mind), we decided on a Valentine's themed collar with "Hoo do u Love?" ribbon for Athena.

This collar is perfection with its pink and red sparkly ribbon that shows off Athena's lovable personality.  I just want to smooch her up when she wears this new collar!

Not only does Kelly create adorable ribbon collars for holidays, special occasions, and everyday fanciness, she also makes "Adopt Me" collars that would be perfect for any dog looking for their forever home.  We are totally smitten with Just Dog Gone Cute!

Tiennot Knits Bow Ties

Also featured in Our Waldo Bungie's 2012 Giveaway-a-Day were Tiennot Knits Sweater's newest line of knitted bow ties that the very handsome Chick and Doodlebug from Love and a Six Foot Leash modeled.  Athena definitely felt the smoochies coming on when she saw those handsome fellas wearing their very dapper bow ties.  She was ever so excited when her very own girly bow tie arrived in the mail!

Not only is this bow tie just the cutest thing I've ever seen, it's a PERFECT match to Athena's custom Tiennot Knits Sweater.  Athena has modeled it all around town already and everyone stops to admire its fanciness.  I especially love it when she wears it on her head like a headband because she looks just like Miss Hello Pitty.

Seeing as Athena has TWO Valentine's collars to wear on heart day, we might just have to extend it to become heart week so that she can get some good wear out of both of her new accessories.  I just know she's going to get lots of extra smoochies in these cuties.  I'm thinking even her new daycare boyfriend, Timber, might even send her an extra box of Sweathearts when he sees her wearing these adorable collars.

Big smooches for the Thean Bean from Timber
Will your pooch be sporting any Valentine's fashions this year?


  1. She looks soooooo good in her JDGC fancy collar and her TK bow! I am so glad you like it - that hot pink just screams THEAN BEAN! :)

  2. How stinkin' cute!! I've been eyeing up the Tiennots for sooo long...I might just have to order one NOW!!

  3. Those are just adorable Valentine's day accessories. I bet Athena is just going to be the smoochin' queen of Portland.

  4. So cute, and Athena models them well! Miss M has been plotting a new costume and a way to sneak a smooch from Mr. B.

  5. Boomer and Dottie don't have any Valentine's gear... maybe I should change that!

  6. I LOVE that collar, that's my favorite I've seen of the Dog Gone Cute Too. Love the owls on it. Damn, she is cute!
    I really lament that we don't have the chance to do out and about outings with the kiddos lately due to our ridiculous work schedules and conflicting hours. I'll have to make sure we doll up Madden for the adoption event closest to Valentine's Day.

  7. Kelly does such wonderful work -- we knew when we saw those ribbon collars for the first time, they'd be perfect for the CharlieDog and Friends plush pittie, "Honey", and maybe our line of Pocket Pitties. I've never seen collars like these, but they're really amazing, and even more beautiful "in person". We've even put them on several New York City shelter dogs for their postings on Bruised Not Broken. LOVELY! (And I"m sure you know what a beautiful person Kelly is, inside and out!)

  8. Athena looks very beautiful in her Valentine's Day collars! And her boyfriend is a pretty handsome guy; she obviously has good taste :)

  9. I love both of them! Very cute. And I agree the headband style looks great on her!