Monday, February 18, 2013

My ChuckIt Ball Blew Up: As Told by Athena

Hi Guys!  Athena here.  If you follow my mom me on Facebook, you probably already saw this picture of me:

That's me with my blown-up ChuckIt ball

Let me tell you a little bit more about the story behind this picture.  This weekend I was totally shocked when my beloved ChuckIt ball BLEW UP!  That's right.  It went from being a teeny-tiny little orange ball to being a GIGANTIC ball!  I didn't think that my ChuckIt ball could get any better, but it totally did.  Bigger is always better in my book (bigger cookies, bigger scoops of food, bigger pieces of cheese, bigger smooches, etc.)

That's my running with my gigantic ChuckIt ball

So, on Friday when the bright yellow orb in the sky appeared for the first time in for-ever, I went outside thinking that I would get some time to play fetch with my usual ChuckIt ball and launcher.  Little did I know that my mom and dad had a surprise for me.  All of a sudden my mom KICKED the ChuckIt ball and POOF!  It turned into a giant ChuckIt ball!

That's my mom kicking my ball

My new ChuckIt kick ball is made of soft foam and has special grooves in it so that I can easily grab onto it (and never let go).

That's my mom saying 'Drop It' and I'm not dropping it

When I finally give in and drop my big ball, my mom will kick it for me, or my dad will do his fancy soccer keep-away moves.

That's my dad doing fancy soccer keep-away moves

I think it's so fun to run around with my big ChuckIt ball, but I also really love picking at it (because toy picking is my speciality!).  My mom said that I have to tell you that she wasn't paying attention to me for a few minutes and I ended up picking off a little edge of the ball....soooooooo, she doesn't suggest this toy for unsupervised chew time!

That's me pickin'

My favorite part about my big ChuckIt ball is that I also get to play with it inside the house too!  It's soft enough that it can be kicked around without breaking any val-u-a-bulls.  Even if it's no sunshiny outside, I can still get my exercises in the house with this big ball (unlike my little ChuckIt ball that would be dangerous to throw in the house).

That's me with my giant ChuckIt ball inside the house

If you want your mom or dad to work their magic on your little ChuckIt ball to turn it into a gigantic ChuckIt ball, give them the internet link to the magic spell:  click here for the magic spell.


  1. Thean, that new Chuckit ball looks like a ton of fun. It's nice when you an play with the same toy inside and outside, isn't it!

  2. Ohh la la...what a lucky pooch! Tess isn't one for toys, but Edison would L-O-V-E that! He's not ever played with the little Chuckit balls though.

  3. You sure do look happy with your new ball! My kids are all MAJOR chewers, so we haven't tried the soft Chuck It ball. But they like the smaller ones that they can run around after.

  4. Looks like you had so much fun with that ball! Nola doesn't like the little rubber ones like you do, but she might love this big one! We'll have to try it and let you know!

  5. She's not so scaredy after all! Big balls like that terrify my pups. They are especially afraid of my yoga ball!

  6. Oh my, oh my... that is so cool! Dottie would love this giant chuck-it ball. Although she wouldn't be allow to be alone with it, she would pick it to little tiny pieces.

  7. Oh, Athena! You lucky pup! I want one I want one I want one!!!

    PS - Mom got me those loofah chewy guys you showed us a while ago and I just love them! Thank you for giving my mom such a good idea :)

  8. That is the biggest Chuck-it ball ever!!!!! Pawsome!

  9. Wow, you must have been so surprised! It's bigger than your adorable blocky pittie head! :)

  10. That's hilarious! I can see little orange pieces everywhere if Athena had her way with it! Kaya & Norman really like the mini balls that I guess are for small dogs. Norman goes crazy for them especially...way more than a normal or large ball. I don't get it...

  11. That's a great ball and a great for playing inside. We have a soccer ball from Ikea, a kid's toy, it's soft so that Callie can play inside. We have to keep it from the blind puppy Breeze because she is a de-stuffer champion! Have fun with your new ball and don't rip pieces off least not too many!