Monday, April 29, 2013

Pitlandia in Portlandia: 1000 Acres Dog Park

Over the weekend we had some amazing weather here in Portland with temperatures in the mid-seventies.  We took full advantage of the sunshine and decided to bring Athena to a new dog park that we've heard so many great things about (yes, we do take our pit bull to dog parks).  1000 Acres Dog Park (also known as Sandy River Delta Park) is just outside of Portland in Troutdale, Oregon and has a whopping 1400 acres of land for dogs to romp through.  The park is also full of hiking trails and sits near the Sandy and Columbia rivers for dogs to take a swim in.

Dogs are allowed off-leash in most areas of the park, but from what I had read online, most people said that they rarely see other dogs because of how vast the park is.  During our trip to the park, we saw many other dogs, but this was probably due to the amazing weather.  There were quite a few instances when Athena was off-leash and passed another dog without even glancing at them (I'm attributing this newly acquired skill to flyball practice), while other times she couldn't help but get involved in a butt-sniffing go-round.

For the most part though, Athena had stellar manners while at the park and was just happy to be hiking by my side.

However, there was one instance when Athena forgot her manners and went off on her own little adventure.  She decided to start splashing around in a swamp, which was pretty hilarious at first, until she didn't realize that there was a drop-off and fell right into deep water.  As soon as I saw her fully submerged under water, I completely freaked out.  As far as I know, the closest Athena's ever gotten to water is in the bathtub, so I figured she had never swam before.  It seemed like forever before Athena popped her head up above water as I was screaming and almost crying.  She started to doggy paddle over to the shallow edge of the swamp, but I couldn't wait any longer, so I jumped right in to save her (and ruined my good showed might I add).  I probably totally overreacted, so I give you permission to call me a helicopter parent.

After the swamp incident concluded, we continued through the trails to find the river.  Once we were there, Athena enjoyed some time playing with her ball in the sand and tip toeing into the frigid water.

Overall, we loved our trip to 1000 Acres and would definitely go for another visit in the future.  I could do with a few less dogs at the park, but I'm sure we could manage to find a less busy time and day.  I'm sure Athena can't wait to go back for some more swimming (in the river rather than in the swamp next time I hope)!

In other news, Athena is all signed up to start a Canine Good Citizen class next weekend!  Woo!


  1. Sounds like a great place! I love the pics of Athena in the "pond" - she looks like she's having so much fun!

  2. Sounds like so much fun! (p.s. I would have jumped in too!)

  3. I often feel like Chicago has a lot, but then I see things like this and I really realize what we're missing in terms of the nature department. We have a bigger dog park in the suburbs that we have taken our dogs to before, but I am also like a helicopter parent and I fear that they will somehow get lost....or fall in the water too (Mr. B's foster mom lived near a pond and he was so muscular he would sink).

  4. That's one awesome dog park! And, you know I would have been a helicopter parent too, even though Boomer and Dottie can both swim.

  5. What an amazing park! The pictures are all so beautiful! I am very glad that Athena got out of that deep water safely.

    And I am really excited to hear all about her CGC classes! I had so much fun at mine and I know Athena is going to do such a great job :)

  6. The next time you use the phrase "butt-sniffing go-round" with an incredibly cute picture like that, give a girl a head's up. I just fell out of my chair laughing and I'm at work. :-)

  7. Awwwww, helicopter mama! Looks like Thean had a blast - I am sure she was cracking up at you jumping in after her! I can't wait to hear all about her CGC classes!

  8. We've been meaning to go but I just saw this last night.

    Reports of sick dogs at the Delta

    There has been a couple of reports lately of dogs becoming ill, possibly after visits to the Delta. One diagnosed case of Giardia, and another of Elokomin Fluke Fever, or Salmon Fluke.

    The dog with Fluke Fever is reported to have been lethargic, and feverish, and did not show other symptoms such as lymph gland swelling, or diarrhea which made diagnosis difficult. The dog hadn’t eaten for 8 days and drank little.

    Both dogs were watched carefully, and other than puddles, were not seen eating anything.

    Be watchful of your dogs not only at the Delta, but elsewhere. There has apparently been a large smelt run on the Sandy, which means a lot of easily ingested fish may be laying on the beaches.