Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Love It: Scout and Zoe's Treats (and a Giveaway!)

************************THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED************************

Having a pooch with allergies means that I spend most of my time in the pet store reading and examining dog food and treat labels.  I'm especially always on the hunt for treats that have limited ingredients, are grain/wheat/corn/soy free, made in the USA, and have ingredients that I can actually pronounce.  So, when Scout & Zoe's founder Cindy Dunston Quirk contacted me and asked if Athena would like to try some USA made chicken jerky and sweet potato treats that are especially made for dogs with allergies, I knew that we had to give them a try!

Scout & Zoe's chicken jerky and sweet potato treats

Scout & Zoe's Chicken Jerky:

I know, I know, just hearing "chicken jerky" is scary with all of the recent deaths linked to chicken jerky manufactured in China.  But, Scout & Zoe's is doing chicken jerky the right way for our beloved four-legged kids.  There's nothing to fear with these amazing chicken jerky treats!  Not only are they made in the USA, but they are also made from USDA grade A boneless, skinless chicken breast that also happens to be human grade.

Finally we've found some chicken jerky that is 100% safe for Athena and that she thinks is ever so tasty.  And get this, the ONLY ingredient in Scout & Zoe's chicken jerky is CHICKEN BREAST!  There are absolutely zero preservatives in these healthy treats which makes me love them even more.

Scout & Zoe's chicken jerky taste testing

Athena thought the chicken jerky was absolutely amazing!  She's actually never had any type of jerky before, so this was a very special treat for her.  I love how large the pieces of chicken jerky are and there are quite a few stuffed into the two ounce bag.  The jerky is also very easy to break into smaller pieces to use for training treats because we all know how hard we make Athena work for her food ;)

The humans and the pooch in this household give Scout and Zoe's chicken jerky two thumbs and four paws up!

Scout & Zoe's Sweet Potato Treats:

Ohhhh, how Athena loves sweet potatoes!  This girl went gaga over Scout & Zoe's sweet potato treats and even did some extra special tricks to get her hands paws on the yummy goodness.

Like Scout & Zoe's chicken jerky, their sweet potato treats are also manufactured in the USA and are made from USA grown fancy sweet potatoes.  The only ingredient you'll find on this bag of treats is SWEET POTATOES!  Once again, these treats from Scout & Zoe's have no preservatives whatsoever and are the epitome of canine treat perfection.

I love the size of the big round pieces of dehydrated sweet potato treats that come in the two ounce bag.  They are the perfect snack to give Athena for what we call her "bonus treats" that she gets for doing extra special things like "go to your crate," and "trade."  These sweet potato treats are also perfect for breaking into smaller pieces to use for our daily training sessions.  We've found that Athena enjoys a piece of sweet potato just as much as she does a piece of cheese (but sweet potatoes are healthier...woo hoo!).

Scout & Zoe's Antler Chews:

Not only does Scout & Zoe's sell delicious doggie treats online and in retail stores across the US, they also have quite a variety of natural antler chews to choose from.  Antlers are wonderful for dogs who crave something to chew on throughout the day and are also filled with healthy minerals such as calcium and phosphorus.  The antlers over at Scout & Zoe's are naturally shed elk antlers from the USA.

Scout & Zoe's so kindly agreed to give away the large elk antler that you see above to one lucky Pitlandia reader!

Here's how to enter the Scout & Zoe's Antler Chew giveaway:
  • PRIZE FOR YOU: One large Scout & Zoe's naturally shed elk antler made in the USA.
  • PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: The large sized antler is intended for dog's 30-50 pounds.
  • TO ENTER: Comment on this post and tell us what your dog's favorite thing to chew on is (maybe it's an extra tough toy, a 12" bully stick, or even an antler).  Example: Athena loves to chew on Scout & Zoe's elk antlers!  You can earn BONUS entries if you do the following and let us know what you did in your comment:
  • GIVEAWAY CLOSES: Friday, June 7th 2013 at 9pm (Pacific Time) 
  • PRIZE VALID FOR: Citizens of the U.S.
  • GIVEAWAY INFO: One entry per e-mail address is permitted (make sure to provide me with an e-mail address if you don't set up a Blogger or Google+ account).  If you submit your comment using your Blogger or Google+ account, make sure that your e-mail is visible on your profile.  If you're not sure, just leave your e-mail address in your comment, please!  The winner will be selected using and announced on Friday, June 7th, 2013 as an update to this post (after 9pm PST). I will also email the winner on the 7th for information on how to redeem their prize.
  • NOTE: Scout & Zoe's provided us with all of the tasty treats that you see above, but the views of their products are our own.
Congratulations to Christina for winning the Scout & Zoe's elk antler!


  1. Widget loves chewing on antlers - deer, elk, doesn't matter - she loves any antler she can get her teeth on!

    We've liked you and Scout & Zoe on FB - and shared this givaway too!

  2. We already liked you on FB, liked Scout and Zoe, and shared this lovely contest. My kids love bully sticks, shoes, toys, ropes, sticks, bones, antlers, did I mention shoes.... :-)

  3. Gambit loves to chew on any toy that will fit in his mouth, especially tennis balls because they break easily and anything with worn down bit, ear, tail, or leg he can try to pull off. He would like to know what is an extra tough toy??

  4. My furkids love to chew on Nylabones. I'd bet that would change with Scout & Zoe's antlers! I already like Pitlandia on Facebook too! :o)
    kmg_14 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  5. Chickens and sweet potatoes? Yum yum yum! Plus they make the picky mom happy too!

    I love to chew antlers and Nylabones and also Himalayan chews, but those upset my tummy :(

    I already like you on Facebook :) And I just liked Scout & Zoe's and shared the giveaway on my page! And my email address is remyisonebluedog (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Both Nola and Sarge love to chew on bully sticks!

    I, of course, already like you on Facebook. Heading over to Scout & Zoe's right now and then I'll share on my Facebook page! :)

  7. My babies all love chewing on durable toys like Nylabones, but I know they'd enjoy antlers even more!! We have liked you and Scout & Zoey's on facebook :)

  8. What a fun giveaway! Turk lurves his raw marrow bones, Rufus digs a bully stick, and Moby lurves to chew on his rope toys! While Turk is allergic to all things chicken-related, I bet Moby and Rufus would love that jerky... and as for the sweet potato chews, they'd be gone in a flash!

  9. Fenway loves chewing on a little Aflac duck toy that I got for participating in a triathlon. For a while, it actually would say "Alfac, Aflac, Aflaaaaaac" whenever he's squeeze it just right, but the battery (finally) died. No other toy has ever survived his chewing for this long so we'll see what happens. I'd love to have him try an elk antler - it'd be his first!
    I already follow you guys on facebook, and I now follow Scout & Zoe too. I'll be sharing the contest on FB as soon as I hot "Publish". Thanks :)

  10. Koira's favorite thing to chew on is a food stuffed toy (any food stuffed toy will do). But, other than that? Probably her Grinz ball. She loves chewing and chewing and chewing on it, and I love that it lets her to that with no signs of damage yet.

    Also, I am a Pitlandia Facebook fan!

  11. Silly Jilly's favorite chew toys encompass any and all dog beds or towels or bathmats or shoes or anything expressly not a dog chew toy. Her second favoriteclass of chew toys includes bones and antlers. If she knew antlerswere naturally shed, perhaps she would like them even better. Her sister Suzy Boo Bear has opposite preferences, but succumbs to silly influneces and joins in on the chewing of non chew toys. We like Pitlandia and scout and zoe on Facebook as the profile name Christine Hogan and we'll share this blog giveaway. Our email is chrystielyn [AT]

  12. Well Ed will chew on just about anything, given the chance.Tess isn't much of a chewer - she's more of a destroyer when she found something she really likes. I bet she'd put a hurtin' on that chicken jerky!

    liked on Facebook and shared in our Eriesistibulls page

  13. The momma has been in the market for just these types of goodies! I might have to send her over to Scout and Zoe's to get me some, after she cleans up my drool puddles! He he. I like to chew on balls. I know I shouldn't chew them, but it's what I enjoy most!

  14. We have already liked you and Scout & Zoe's! Will be ordering from them hopefully this weekend! But, hey, contest - why not! Panda loves to chew on her slingshot ball and other squeaky, furry toys - and she loves chicken feet, duck necks, her KONG, dried fish skins and once in awhile - a nice, stinky bully stick! Thanks - and sharing on my FB page and business page!

  15. Nay Nay and Lilee both love their nylabones! Antlers are sparce in our house because Lilee buries them in the backyard abyss...Nay Nay loves them though. I am always trying new things with the girls, its a hit and miss kind of thing.

    Liked S&Z on FB and an avid Pitlandia FB/Blog follower.. and of course.. shared this awesomeness with my FB friends! <3 the Bean!

  16. Love you on FB! Petey's favorite thing to chew on is soup bones! And peeling the bark off sticks! Which is great because he pulls it off and that burns off lots of energy!

  17. Diggory loves to chew on deer antlers, so I'm sure elk would be even better! His other go-to favorites are bully sticks, a Nylabone, his stuffies, and tennis balls. Luckily he's a good Dude and leaves my things alone. Thanks Athena!

    kellinsnyder [at] gmail [dot] com. I'm a fan on FB, too!

  18. Dexter loves to chew on his antlers, but he also loves his bully sticks!

    I like Scout & Zoe's on Facebook!

  19. Hades, Braylon and Madden all love Nylabones! I bet they'd really love an antler though--we'd never tried it yet!
    We LIKE you on facebook. :)

  20. Toby loves antlers!

    I "like" Pitlandia's page on Facebook.

    Email is rowdyretriever at gmail.

  21. My Ollie loves to chew on tissues/tissue boxes. Not. Cool. Antlers would be cool though!