Monday, August 5, 2013

Unexcused Absence

Ok, I'm just going to admit it.  School supplies, picture books, and garage sales have taken over my life and therefore I haven't had time to blog (hence the lack of posts in over a week).  Many of you already know from Facebook, but I am the lucky recipient of a brand new job!  Come September I will be teaching Kindergarten!  This will be a bit of a change from my crazy life as a substitute teacher, but it will be a much welcomed change.  Not only will I be tying lots of shoes and offering tissues by the handful, but I will probably also be fairly sporadic in my blogging.  But don't you worry, Athena will be just as spoiled as ever AND I plan to tell lots of Athena stories to the class.

Over the weekend I took a break from school supply shopping and we attended an especially fun event with our flyball team.  We all dressed up in our best Flying Underdogs attire and marched in the Freemont Street parade with one of our favorite local pet stores, Green Dog Pet Supply.

Athena practiced her manners in front of dogs, kids, horses, and lots, and lots of people.  It was great preparation for her Canine Good Citizen test which has finally been scheduled for this coming Saturday the 10th (fingers crossed that she passes)!

There were so many highlights to our fun outing, one of which was all of the time we got to spend with this totally adorable puppy (she will soon be up for adoption through MCAS):

Puppy Frankie, Athena, and their friends Roo and Henry all had a blast together and even got to share some doggie ice cream treats after the parade.

Henry even won 3rd place in the dog costume contest!

Before we started flyball, Athena's only friends were her daycare buddies.  Now she has lots of flyball friends to hang out with!

Do you live in the Portland area and want to give flyball a try?  We'd LOVE to meet you and your dog and I'm sure Athena would be up for showing you her flyball skills.  Check out our flyball team, the Flying Underdogs, for info on starting a flyball class.


  1. Congrats again on the job! I know I've got a family pic of us with A&P set as the background on my computer that I use to show off Annie and Paul to all of my kids.

  2. I love that you found such a great community through fly ball! And congrats on your teaching job! I work with the older kids, and I can't imagine how difficult it would be to work with so many little ones. Does your school year begin soon?

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