Friday, August 24, 2012

Love It: OllyDog Treat Bag Plus

B and I have his and her OllyDog Treat Bag Plus bags.  They are our most favorite things!  We wear them on every walk that we go on with Athena (so, twice a day).
Cute fanny pack, B!
I especially love them because it looks like I'm wearing a fanny pack, so I feel super fashionable when I'm out and about =)  Ok, really they are a bit nerdy, but we love them!

Before getting these treat bags, we would carry treats in our pockets or I would put treats in my Vera Bradley hipster bag.  However, treats kept going through the wash, and my purse started to stink like artificial chicken.

So, we picked up an OllyDog Treat Bag Plus at Personal Beast for $16 which is kind of expensive...but we needed it!

During our walks, B and I often trade off walking Athena in the middle of the walk so that we can both work on training her.  Since we only had one treat bag, we would have to stop to take off the treat bag and Athena's new dog walker would put it on.

We decided that we both needed a treat bag...

B's manly green treat bag
A's girly pink treat bag
We like these treat bags in particular because there are 3 ways to wear them: with the removable waist belt, belt clip, or the Velcro webbing loop.  The opening has a magnetic closure so it's easy to open and close the bag.  There is also a small zippered pocket in the front (I often put my phone in there).

What do you think of the OllyDog Treat Bags?  What do you use to hold your dog's treats while on a walk?



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