Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love It: ChuckIt! Ultra Ball Launcher

Athena love, love, loooovvveeesss to run!  She especially loves to run if she is chasing her beloved ChuckIt! Ultra Ball.  Because I can't throw for the life of me, we invested in the ChuckIt! Ultra Grip Ball Launcher to do the work for us.

This ball launcher is pretty amazing for multiple reasons:

  1. The medium size fits regular-old tennis balls as well as the medium sized ChuckIt! Ultra Balls.
  2. It's easy to play fetch with your dog without having a sore arm for days (yes, I am weak and get sore after only a few minutes of playing fetch with Athena!)
  3. The launcher is advertised to throw the ball three times as far and I would totally agree with this
  4. Athena gets so much more of an exercise when she has to run further to fetch the ball and bring it back
  5. It provides a "no-slobber hands-free" pickup.  I would also add that it eliminates the need to constantly bend over to pick up the ball if your dog isn't so great at putting the ball in your hand (like Athena)
Another added bonus to this fancy ball launcher is that you can train your dog to carry it to the park for you if you insist on being hands-free like us.  Simply teach your dog the "bring it" command and they will happily carry the launcher the whole way to the park.  Just watch Athena carrying her launcher:

This ball launcher also doubles as a back scratcher (for you or your dog!).  I am such a kind parent that I always give Athena a little back scratch after a long game of fetch at the park.  She loves it.

Finally, as if Athena isn't weird enough, she enjoys attempting to put her own ball in the launcher for another round of fetch.  She will hold her ball in her mouth and try to push it into the launcher's ball holder.  It's amazing that she has actually been successful at loading the launcher on multiple occasions!  Sometimes her doggy ADHD kicks in though and she tries to steal the launcher away from me...

Alas, the ChuckIt! Ultra Launcher is still our BFF.  Have you tried any of the ChuckIt! ball launchers?


  1. Kaya has a chuck-it too! Sometimes I get a sore wrist from using it too much, but it is a life-saver.

    Athena is so cute carrying her chuck-it. Now that she can load her own ball, you just have to teach her to throw it!

    1. I get a sore wrist from it sometimes too. But I think I'm building up my wrist tolerance by using the launcher every day!

      Maybe some day Athena will learn to throw her own ball =)

  2. I can't believe she carries the launcher! That's awesome, I wish I could get Boomer and Dottie to do that, instead they just stare at me and wonder why I'm not throw their chuck-it balls.

  3. Replies
    1. She sure does...but we have to always have something really good to trade her with if we want to get the toys back! She has no idea about the meaning of "drop it."

  4. Alas my dogs do not play fetch with balls. :( I was just saying to Jay, "I miss having a dog to play fetch with," as Madden loved it. I need to teach Taylor to fetch since her energy is off.the.charts. Maybe that will be my new goal...

    1. Athena's energy is off the charts as well. We find that a major fetch session in the morning helps to curb the energy throughout the day...and she is allowed to do zoomies in the house for an extra energy release when needed =)