Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(Practically) Wordless Wednesday: Toilet Paper Patrol

Caught toilet paper patrolling on Tuesday, September 25th at 2:37pm:
I'm always on toilet paper patrol in and out of the house.  And yes, I did manage to find some floating around outside yesterday.  And yes, I did bring it in the house so that my mom could chase me what if it came from an unknown source?  Toilet paper is all the same in my book!


  1. Ewww....known toilet paper is one thing but toilet paper found in the great outdoors? Gross! Athena girl, you never know where that stuff's been!

    1. I was totally thrilled when I got to stick my hand in her mouth to pry it out because she started to eat it...GROSS!!

  2. Ha! That is a serious caught red handed look!

  3. Athena and Hades need to hang out!

  4. OMG!!!!!! That's so hilarious/gross! What a character -- love her!

  5. Haha. Our Luke is on toilet paper patrol. His happiest moments are finding an unattended roll to shred and spread all over the house.

  6. What is it about dogs and toilet paper? Ray can suss out a square of TP from a mile away, I think.