Thursday, September 6, 2012

Overcoming Fears: Water Play

Some of Athena's best pictures came from the photo shoot during her first time in the sprinkler on a hot day in Portland.  Today we will share some of the best pictures from yesterday's water play!

We have noticed a pattern in Athena's fear of new things and experiences.  The first time that Athena experiences something new she is usually very afraid, but will then be all for it the next time around.  This has been true for experiences such as playing in the sprinkler, approaching orange construction signs, watching the garbage can be rolled out to the curb, and drinking from the hose.

Last week B was watering the lawn and offered Athena a drink of water from the hose.  Athena was so afraid of the hose.  She kept running around it and wouldn't get close to take a drink.  When Athena is afraid of new things we show her that we are not afraid.  For orange construction signs we have gone up to them and hugged them, talked very gently to the garbage can, and drank from the hose.

Yesterday we busted out the hose again after a walk to see if Athena would take a drink.  She went right up to the hose and took a very long drink.  B began to water the lawn and Athena decided that she wanted more and more to drink.  This turned into quite the water play and we ended up with a soaking wet pooch (there goes the nice smell from her first bath!).
The many faces of not-so-fearful Athena!

Like the day Athena pranced around in the sprinkler, yesterday's hose play left us with some HILARIOUS photos.  Could Athena make funnier faces?  We don't think so!
What?!  A new pink towel?  I'm so spoiled!
Ok, you can rub my tummy if you insist!
Still showing off some pretty crazy faces even when drying off...
 What do you do to help your dogs overcome their fears?

-A & B


  1. I would have loved to be there to see you hugging the construction sign or talking softly to the garbage can! So funny! Oh the things we do for our dogs!

    1. Isn't it funny the things that we do for our dogs? I can only imagine what else I will do in the coming years to help Athena's fears!

  2. Ditto Emily's comment. I actually laughed out loud trying to picture you sweet talking the garbage. :)

    1. Oh it's pretty hilarious! I especially love when I get to hug orange construction signs. I'm sure the whole neighborhood thinks that I'm totally looney!