Thursday, December 6, 2012

Are You There Santa? It's Me, Athena

Dear Santa,

Christmas is quickly approaching (only 20 more days left!), so I thought I would send you a quick letter to confirm my gift receiving status for this year.  You see, it's my first Christmas living with my new fer-ever family and I've been trying REALLY, REALLY hard to be on my bestest behavior all of the time.  But, sometimes my puppyness gets the best of me and I get in a smidgen of trouble here and there.

Sometimes my mom and dad say things like, "Naughty this and naughty that.  No, no, no Thean.  That's so naughty Thean.  You are not allowed to do that, Thean!"  I try real hard not to do things that will make them say the naughty word because I definitely don't want to be on your naughty list, Santa.

But here's the thing.  Not only do my parents talk about the naughty things that I sometimes do, my mom has even started to post the evidence for the world to see!  She got this new thing called Instagram on her phone and now all she does is post pictures of me doing the naughty things.  I need to make sure that this naughty evidence is not tampering with my 'nice' status, so I would like to explain myself:

This toilet paper roll was left in my reach while my mom was taking a shower, so I decided to surprise her with a toilet paper confetti party.  Naughty NICE!

After the confetti party, I went and found mom's fluffy slipper.  I decided to pick some of the white fluffies out for her because I think her feet were getting too hot with all that fuzziness!  Naughty NICE!

Mom has recently been indulging in lots of holiday chocolates.  I make sure to keep a careful watch over the bag of chocolates so that none of the chocolate elves come to steal her stuff. Naughty NICE!

I found this cardboard packaging from a new blanket that my mom bought for me.  I shredded it to pieces to let her know that I love the blanket so much that I don't ever want her to return it to the store!  Naughty NICE!

So you see Santa, I have not at all been a naughty girl this holiday season.  It's all just a misunderstanding.  Please continue to hold my spot on your nice list.


Thean the Bean (AKA Athena)


  1. Oh, Theaner Beaner, a little toilet paper between naughty and nice is such a thin line. Ray-Ray feels that if he weren't meant to eat the toilet paper then it wouldn't be stored at mouth height, right?

  2. As I see it, you are trying to be greener by breaking down the paper products before sending them off to recycling! I applaud you and I think Santa will also!

  3. Thean - those are all super nice things! I think you are most decidedly on the NICE list! And even if you are on the naughty list, I bet your grandma and mom & dad will spoil you anyways! :)

  4. Aww Athena that is so cute! I think you definitely deserve to be on the nice list. Your facial expressions remind me so much of my own dog's!

  5. My dear Thean, I think you are doing an excellent job, your mommy and daddy just don't understand it yet.

  6. Obviously you have been very nice this year, Athena! I would not worry a bit about the Santa situation; I have a feeling you will be getting lots of Christmas presents :)

  7. Thank goodness Athena had the opportunity to explain herself! As far as I'm concerned she is still on the nice list. She's still pretty new to this fur-ever family business after all. :)

  8. Well clearly she belongs on the Nice list! If she was making toilet paper confetti she was obviously about to through a parade too. Super nice!