Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Bug

If you couldn't tell already, we have caught the Christmas bug.  With posts about Athena's holiday shopping trip and her plea to Santa to resume on the 'nice' list, the blog has also caught the bug.  And as if we haven't subjected Athena to enough of our Christmas festivities, she joined me last week to help decorate my grandma's tree and we also partook in another photo shoot with Santa over the weekend.

On Saturday we took Athena to Personal Beast where they had a Santa available to take pictures with.  It was much more casual than the Santa picture event that we attended last weekend because there wasn't a professional photographer.  We simply brought our own camera and set up Athena in front of Santa for some pictures.

Athena wasn't as interested in this Santa as she was of the one last weekend, so we had a hard time getting her to sit near Santa for pictures.  But, she did a great job fulfilling her duty as one of Santa's reindeer from afar.

Athena even practiced her newest trick in front of Santa..."jump!"  Too bad he doesn't look very impressed.  Perhaps he's still contemplating her naughty/nice status.

This weekend Athena also joined me at my grandma's house to help decorate her Christmas tree.  Athena surprisingly had no interest in the Christmas tree or ornaments.  She simply sniffed them and went on her merry way.  She did however have an incident with the tree topper which happens to be a collectable Muffy Vanderbear angel (it's a stuffed bear!).  My grandma set it on the ground for one minute and as soon as she turned around Athena had the bear in her mouth!  Luckily we have no plans for trying to sell the bear on Ebay anytime in the future.

Seeing as Athena has a pouty face in every one of the pictures above, I'm thinking that she may not have been hit with the Christmas bug as bad as I was.  Have you and your dogs caught any holiday bugs lately?


  1. Awww! Athena makes such a cute reindeer!

  2. Athena makes a totally adorable reindeer. I'm about to get hit by the Christmas bug, I just had to wait for Koira's birthday to be over first.

  3. I'm having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit. Maybe if Ray would don some antlers...

  4. Athena the reindeer... how cute! I really wish some of your Christmas bug would wear off on me, I just haven't been able to get with it this year since I was out of town for so long. Maybe once it's closer it will hit.

  5. That Santa looks like he may have had a rough Friday night! Good think Athena brought the cuteness!

  6. I AM impressed by Athena's trick! And your pictures are just as good as a professional FYI.

  7. That Santa looks awfully serious; I don't blame Athena for not wanting to cozy up to him :) She sure looks great in antlers though!

    We are just starting to get Christmasie at my house. Not tree yet, but mom spent the whole day today making jams for presents. She thought this was fun, but I thought it was BORING!


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