Monday, March 25, 2013

Pitlandia in Portlandia: Family Dogs Fun Walk

It's hard to believe that Little Bow Pup opened almost two months ago!  Even harder to believe is that this past weekend I set up shop for the first time at the Family Dogs New Life Shelter's 4th annual Fun Walk.

The Little Bow Pup booth!

I was honored to be invited to the event by a blog reader and was surrounded by other Portland locals such as Born Again Pit Bull Rescue, Muffinhead, Personal Beast, and Zunii Dog.  Family Dogs New Life shelter was actually the first shelter that B and I looked into when we started looking into adopting a dog.  We love that they are a no kill shelter and do not house their dogs in kennels, but rather keep dogs in large playgroups where they are able to interact and socialize similar to a doggie daycare setting.

The fundraising event was held at the Family Dogs New Life Shelter in SE Portland which happens to sit right next to the Springwater Corridor; a perfect location for a two mile morning walk!  Over five-thousand dollars was raised for the shelter during the event.

Such a dapper dog wearing a very dapper bow tie!

Not only was it great to have a booth set up for the first time, but it didn't hurt that the dogs at the event were irresistibly ADORABLE!  As much as we would have loved to bring Athena to the event, we just knew that 100+ dogs would have been just a little bit too exciting for her.  So, she stayed home with a yummy bully stick!

Check out this video of the event put together by Family Dogs New Life Shelter.  We had a blast!


  1. Sounds like a great animal shelter and a wonderful event! Your booth looks AWESOME! Was it a successful day for you? :) Lots of sales?

  2. What a great event! Sounds like a fun day!! I agree with're booth looks great! I love the vases of "flowers"! I hope it was a success for all!

    And is that and Edison I spy amongst the foliage? =)

  3. Your set-up is way cute! I can't believe how creative you are.

    I love that fat-headed pup in the bottom right of the second picture. IN LOVE

  4. Love the booth! I went to high school with Emily from Muffinhead! She made Nola a jacket last winter. Did you meet her? I forgot she lived in Portland too!

  5. I love the clothespins! And, the pictures of Athena are super cute too!

    It looks like it was a great event, I hope you had some good sales!

  6. How exciting! This Fun Walk sounds really, well, fun! And your Little Bow Pup table looks so great. I hope there were lots and lots of well-dressed pups walking around by the end of the day =D