Friday, April 26, 2013

Dog Photography: Hands-Free Camera Strap

Not too long ago we posted about one of our favorite camera accessories for taking photos indoors and in low-light settings.  We also have a favorite camera accessory that we use when taking photos outdoors at the park or while on a walk.  The Black Rapid RS Sport camera strap is the PERFECT accessory that allows us to be as hands-free as possible when getting action shots of Athena.

Hands-Free Photography:

It's already hard enough to juggle Athena and all of her accessories when we go to the park or out for a walk, so a gigantic camera is not something that we also want to worry about lugging around with us.  B went on the hunt to find a hands-free camera strap that would allow us to take our camera with us on our outdoor adventures, but wouldn't weigh us down.  He found the Black Rapid RS Sport camera strap, and although you still have to use one hand to click to take a picture, it's as hands-free as we're going to get!

Fancy Features:

The fanciest feature of this strap is that it has a metal fastener that attaches to the bottom of the camera allowing it to essentially hang from the strap.  The first time that I tried out the strap, I was afraid to let go of the camera in fear that it would disconnect from the fastener and break into a million pieces on the  floor.  Once I finally let go, I realized just how secure the camera is on the fastener even though it really is just dangling at my side.

The strap is great for getting quick action shots of Athena, especially when she's running after her ball at the park.  When we see her silly face running towards us, we simply slide the camera up the strap and click!  B's favorite feature of the strap are the two "stoppers" that allow him to choose where he wants the camera to hang so that it's easier to freely move the camera for getting the perfect picture.  The shoulder strap is also very comfortable and has thick memory foam padding.

See it in action:

Here's a little video that I took of B demonstrating the use of the camera strap (it also shows some of Athena's best training commands in action).  As you will see, we are at the park playing ChuckIt! with Athena.  B is able to launch a ball, interact with Athena, and take a few photos all at the same time!

And here are a couple of photos that B got during the photo shoot featured in the above video:

What's your favorite camera accessory?  How do you manage to get good action shots of your pooch?


  1. Oh that is a pretty cool strap... and those photos of Thean? Swwwwwoooooon!

  2. So timely! I've been having the problem where the camera can be so cumbersome on our walks. I need to check this one out!

  3. Love that video of her! I've heard lots of good things about the black rapid strap, just be careful to check it each time you use it. I have (unfortunately) also heard that sometimes the screw mechanism on the bottom can come loose and drop the camera :/

  4. AH, fantastic... we need to look into this!

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