Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One of Athena's Biggest Fans

Over the summer Athena has discovered a new favorite location to frequent that includes a constant game of ChuckIt launching and all of the love and attention she could ever desire.  Really though, Athena is only interested in the ChuckIt, and accepts the love and attention in between games of fetch only because we require her to take breaks.  This new favorite location happens to be my grandma's house and is one of the last places that I ever thought Athena would fall in love with.

You see, even though my grandma and I are extremely close, I'm pretty sure she thought I'd lost my mind a year ago.  I remember telling her over the phone that B and I had gone out and adopted a pit bull.  My grandma couldn't believe what I'd done because, "don't you know that one day she's going to snap?!"  Yes, my grandma used to be someone who gave into the crazy pit bull myths much like most of the population.

It must have been at least a month before my grandma actually met Athena in person.  Athena and I had been on an outing walking around Laurellhurst Park and popping into local pet shops when I all of a sudden had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad.  I didn't want to leave Athena in the car while I ran into a store to use the restroom, so I called my grandma who lived only a few minutes away and asked if she'd keep an eye on Athena in my car while I used her bathroom.

When I arrived at my grandma's house I did the potty dance and explained to my grandma that she wouldn't even have to meet Athena because I knew she was afraid.  My grandma decided that she'd be ok to hold Athena's leash in the house while she waited for me.  When I got out of the bathroom I found my grandma escorting Athena around the house on leash and telling her all about the house.

From then on Athena slowly began to visit my grandma's house with me here and there.  When Christmas came along Athena was even invited to my grandma's house for our Christmas Eve celebration.  My grandma has become one of Athena's biggest fans and dedicated blog followers.  Every conversation with my grandma now includes an update on Athena and a discussion about when she will visit next.

For Labor Day we visited my grandma's house and Athena spent the afternoon lounging in the spacious yard and enjoying LOTS of time with her ball.  I know that Athena is going to be sad when the weather starts to change and she's no longer able to play ball in the yard, but I actually think it's my grandma who will miss Athena's visits the most!

*Thank you to everyone who took last week's poll!  I'm glad that so many of you enjoy reading about Athena's everyday happenings!"


  1. I love when people (especially family!) change their minds about pitties! Obvs Athena is easy to love so I'm not surprised she changed your grandma's mind!

  2. Athena is a great ambassador so I can see how easy she was able to change your grandma's mind.

  3. How could someone not fall in love with Athena? She's such a great ambassabull!

  4. That's awesome! You're so lucky that you live near your grandma and can pop in with Athena. I've got a whole gathering of family on the east coast whose minds I would love to change about pit bulls. My parents were the same way before and now they are advocates!

  5. How special! We LOVE changing people's attitudes towards our pooches -- and I'm with Emily...ESPECIALLY our family's!! But really...how could you NOT love The Bean??

  6. This is so lovely! We also got some pushback from Lane's dad when we got Maggie and Nigel but he lurrrrves them now. :-) He liked them to begin with but we definitely got some, "PItbulls?!?!" from him and a few others. Glad their sweet demeanors win people over all the time.

  7. I'm a new blog follower. We bought some ChuckIt Balls for our new puppy, Olive, but she's only 8 weeks old and doesn't seem to know what to do with them yet, lol! She will chew on them a little but that's about it. I wish we had family close enough to visit!

  8. There has been a really big effort by the UK newspapers to blacken the name of all dogs. I have seen a huge negative reaction to my highly reactive girl. So much so that I have to walk her at 5am. In some ways though it has helped us, people cross the road rather than walk near us. Use to be the other way around.

  9. I loved reading about Althea, she is a nice looking dog.

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