Friday, October 11, 2013

As Told by Athena: Busy Ladies

Hi Guys!  Athena here.  You're probably wondering where this little brindle butt has been because she has totally been slacking on her blogging duties lately (ok....let's be honest, it's been like a month)!  Well friends, I've been a busy lady and so has my mom.

Mom and I take a second out of our busy schedules to pose for a photo last weekend
Mom comes home every night and says that life is crazy in the garden with her 31 gardeners.  I don't get how gardening could be so difficult, but apparently it's hard when the gardeners are only 5 years old...and when there are 31 of them.  Mom says she's a bad blogger because she promised one blog post a week, but she didn't even succeed at that.  She hopes that you all understand that gardening has taken over her life for the time being.

My mom's busyness means that my social life has soared through the roof!  That's right.  I get to go to my favorite doggie daycare THREE days a week now!  Mom says this makes for one super duper tired Bean every night, but it also makes for lots of cute picture in my mom's inbox.

I'm also still flyballin' regularly at practice and I recently raced in two tournaments.  One of the tournaments was held at a big ole' doggie event where there were agility demos and a lure course set up.  Mom paid $3 for me to give lure coursing a try, but she wasn't sure if I'd be interested in chasing a silly little plastic bag around.  Of course, this Bean thought that lure coursing was the most fun thing in the whole wide world!  After my turn was over I kept trying to pull my mom back to the course for another run, so she gave in and paid another $3 to let me do it again.  Mom says she sees lure coursing in my future.

Flyball is still my most favorite extra curricular activity and I'm getting pretty good at it with all of this practice that I do every week.  I'm even now known as a FDCh-S which stands for "Flyball Dog Champion Silver" because I've won over 1,000 points at tournaments!

So yeah, that's a little update on the life of the Bean.  I really miss all of my doggie friends out there and I'm so sorry that my mom has let gardening take over her life.  As you can see though, I don't mind one bit because it means that I get to play with my doggie friends more often!

What's up with you guys?


  1. Awww! So good to hear from you, Bean! I miss you and your mama!

    1. Bean and her mama miss you too! I think we need to catch up REAL soon!!!

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  2. Yes - we definitely miss you guys, but we're glad that you are having fun and that your mama has her own group of gardeners!

  3. The lure course looks like so much fun, what great exercise! Busy can be a great thing as long as everyone's happy!

  4. Wow, you ladies sure have been busy and I'm glad to hear that it's all fun stuff too! And, I love your picture that you posed for!

  5. Yikes! You have 31 students in your class? I can't imagine how hard that is with the younger kids. Is your district set for that many or is this an overcrowding/budgeting issue?

  6. Such is the life of a spoiled Bean. I always wonder if one day I will get to read about Athena getting a doggy sibling :)

    And as for your class--holy moly that is a lot of kids!

  7. Awesome stuff. We're also super busy and the pooches have been going to daycare lots too. They dig it!! Hope everything is good by you!!

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