Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Water Baby

Recently the weather has been very summerish here in Portland with temperatures in the 70's and 80's.  Not only has Athena been spending time soaking up the sun in her Andy Randy chair, but she's also been splish splashing in her new baby pool.

After the swamp incident, we thought that Athena might enjoy her very own pool (with clean water!) to take a dip in on warm days.  We already know that she LOVES the sprinkler, so we figured that the kiddie pool would be just the same.  It turns out Athena is in LOOOOVEEE with her kiddie pool too!

Of course at first, Athena was a bit afraid of the pool.  She initially thought it was a gigantic water bowl, but after we threw in a few treats, she got brave and poked her head under the water.  Athena didn't do a full splash in the pool until we threw her ball in though.

To make pool time more fun, we recently purchased a water toy make by ChuckIt that floats in the pool.  It turns out that Athena loves the thing almost as much as she loves her ball!  We like to toss the bumper toy into the kiddie pool, and then Athena chases after it.  It also make a great tug toy for practicing "drop it" and "tug."

All of Athena's pool splashing has got us thinking that we'd like to try dock diving in the near future with Cascade Dock Dogs!

Does your dog love the water?


  1. Dock Diving would be so cool! You have such an athlete!!

    Tess is terrified of water - she won't even take a bath. Ed is fine with baths, but forget about trying to get him to go into a pool or lake.

  2. Thean looks so adorable in her kiddie pool. Ray likes water on his terms. He loves bath time, loves the waterjets on the pool deck and he likes the top step of the pool. I don't know if we'll actually get him in the pool, though, this summer.

  3. Lainey loves the water! We bought her a kiddie pool last summer and she played in that thing for hours at a time. We also took her to the lake last summer and found it impossible to get her out of the water when it was time to go home. After realizing we had quite the aquatic pup on our hands, we bought her a life jacket and let her swim in my parents pool. She loved every minute of it and I can't wait to see if she still enjoys it this summer.

  4. She looks like a real water dog! I bet she would take to dock diving without too much training. (Check out today's post on my blog for pictures of Koira dock diving.) The kiddie pool is really awesome for helping keep the dogs cool as well as entertaining them.

  5. Boomer loves the water and will cry if you don't let him get in. Dottie will only jump in if there is something for her to fetch like a stick or a ball. But, neither dog will get in a kiddie pool, they treat it as a giant water bowl! My labs are strange...

  6. Maggie veers away from all sprinklers but I bet both of them would actually love a kiddie pool. Maybe we'll get them one soon!! Athena looks so happy. :-D

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